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PROMPT [04 Apr 2003|09:41am]

So I wasn't prompt about fixing things, but they are fixed. You can all now post your responses to prompts, and your own prompts.

So how about a prompt? Well, I post from work a lot, and I have really interesting things on and around my desk. Some of those things--the figurine of a kitten in a basket, the traveling buddha, the political cartoons, the magnet that says "Heck is for people who don't believe in gosh," the wire sculpture put together by my ex--all of these things have stories. The sculpture in particular is a fidget--something I fiddle with when I'm musing over things. It's copper, and I scanned it one day as part of a 3-d object images thing I was playing with, and it came out like this (after I duotoned it to purple)

Since then, it's a favorite of my boss' for his writing class as something to take in and say "pretend you know what this is. come up with a use for it and write a press release about it."

Do you have any unusual objects lying around that could use a press release? I've often noted that this sculpture makes an amazingly stable penholder, but its virtues as a fidget are unmatched.
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Aprompt [12 Mar 2003|12:17pm]

I apologize for vanishing on you guys. I was trying to run this community during a really strange period in my life and I think it was going to be a matter of time before I dropped the ball, and I did. Couple of people wrote me in the meantime to ask if I could make this community postable for everyone (there's good grammar! hah!) raise of hands: it's spring, who's still in? Do you prefer the lower volume, threaded prompt format or should I just let you all have at? :)
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Week 1: In the jungle of the senses [04 Jan 2003|11:17am]

That's right, week 1. We're starting over for the year. :) And it helps when I post it to the right journal.

We depend so much on our eyes to absorb information, but good writers convey other senses too. Close your eyes. What do you have left? The sound of a cat purring, or the feel of its fur, or hey, my cat's breath smells like cat food. (er, sorry. she's sitting in my lap, so I couldn't help it.) Pick some other sense to explore, and help us see with all our senses. :)
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Week 7: A New Year, a new leaf [27 Dec 2002|06:34pm]

Share your writing resolutions for 2003!
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Week: um, 6: Holidaze [20 Dec 2002|06:12pm]

Admin note: Sorry for the unannounced leave last week. Feel free to generate spontaneous posting. I thought I had changed things to allow people to post here but if I haven't I will readdress it on Monday. Apologies for the confusion, and on with the prompt!

This week is short but sweet. Holidays: love em or lump em? Why? What holidays do you celebrate; which do you loathe? Are they traditional, or have you reinvented your own as you've grown up?

And a merry break to all who are having one.
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Pet sounds [06 Dec 2002|06:35pm]

Have you ever had a favorite pet? Do you have one now? Imagine if he or she could talk, what would it say? About you? About your friends? Or, just tell us about your favorite pet---or why you don't have pets. Do you keep a "pet journal?" (I should start mine up again.)
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Week 4: Thanksgiving. [29 Nov 2002|11:55am]

We've got readers from all over the world, so not everyone observes this holiday of gut-stuffing. But it's the prompt for this week anyway, and the angle I'd like to take is:

Food and ritual: regardless of where we come from, there are rituals that involve food. What do these rituals mean to you? What are your favorites? If you could invent a ritual involving food, what would it be? What would be on the menu? Who would be your dream guests?
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Week 3: Journeys [22 Nov 2002|01:44pm]

Life is a series of journeys--sometimes literal, sometimes figurative. For this prompt, tell us about somewhere you've been lately or somewhere you'd like to go. The best part: the place doesn't even have to be real. :)
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Week 2: Autumn [15 Nov 2002|03:51pm]

Staring out my window, I see trees in bright bursting foliage. I see trees trapped in dead despair. What is autumn to you? Beauty, or Sadness? Both?

You can stare out your window and tell us what you see, or what autumn reminds you of, whether you like it, hate it, or float in decadent ambivalence through the seasons. Or set a vignette with an autumn backdrop.

Remember—don't think: see.

Admin note: you can post in the community now if you'd like. I'll figure out a way to bookmark the actual prompts.
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Week 1: Introductions [08 Nov 2002|10:14am]

While the obvious way to respond to this prompt would be to introduce yourself, don't feel bound to do so. You can also introduce a character to us, or two characters to each other (which could launch a dialogue). You can introduce us to the place you grew up or the place you live now; you could introduce us to your family. Or, you could just simply write an "introduction" to some piece of work you'd like to approach.

Remember, the 250 word limit is optional but a good exercise in making every word count. And feel free to make more than one introduction. You can post as a reply here or in your own journal.
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